Don't be too proud to use a pink plastic tee... it could improve your driving!


Many golfers wouldn't be seen dead using a pink plastic castle tee. They are often seen as the reserve of lesser golfers. Any decent golfer uses proper wooden tee pegs, don't they? 

Well, consider this...

Golf, as we know, is a game of very fine margins. The difference between a perfect strike and a disastrous mishit is is less than an inch.

When you use a wooden tee peg, you likely tee your ball up at a slightly different height each time without realising it.

With a plastic castle tee, on the other hand, you can tee your ball at exactly the same height every time.

If you're the kind of player who likes to vary their tee height to hit certain types of drives, you can still do that, but with a much better idea of how much higher or lower you've teed it.  

It might need a tour player to start using plastic castle tees before they become acceptable among golf's wider community, but we'd suggest you give them a try. It doesn't make sense not to use something that could improve your driving, even if only slightly, purely based on preconceptions or fear of what other's may think.