Celebrity golf swings – reviewed and rated


They entertain millions on the TV and radio. They have won Champions League and Premier League titles. They have sold out worldwide tours. They have millions of followers on Twitter. But when they get on the golf course, some of Britain’s most famous celebrities still have a lot to learn.

We asked TG Top 50 coach Adrian Bishop to cast his eye over their actions and offer some feedback. By way of comparison, here’s Rory McIlroy at the top of his takeaway.


Bishop says, “His upper body has maintained its forward inclination, he has a stable lower body, the clubface matches up with the back of his left arm and the shaft is beautifully on plane. It doesn’t get much better.”

So, that’s what we’re looking for. Let’s see how our celebs compare…

Niall Horan, 12 handicap


Though Niall’s swing is nicely on plane, it’s lacking a little leverage. All he needs to do is develop a little more wrist hinge. This change would give him more club speed and distance.

Paul Scholes, 16 handicap


This great midfielder will be spending a lot of time down the left with this clubface alignment. Ideally the clubface should mirror the back of his left forearm. 

Chris Evans, 10 handicap


Chris has a nice, simple backswing. He needs to keep an eye on his alignment. He’s aiming right rough which means he has to have a great deal of draw to find the fairway. 

Alan Shearer, 6 handicap


This position can lead to weak shots to the right. Though he’s a good player, Alan needs to focus on maintaining his body angles better and having the shaft a little shallower. 

Ian Botham, 9 handicap


At the top of his swing he has allowed a little softness in his left arm. As you get older this can help you maintain the length of your swing and also gain you some speed. 

Declan Donnelly, 18 handicap


Dec would benefit from getting a little more dynamic. He can do this by increasing his shoulder turn. This would lengthen his swing, giving him more time to generate some speed.

Which celebrity would you most like to play with?

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