So this is what happens when you hit a golf ball at an axe...


Slow motion video has been a fantastic addition to golf. It enables us to analyse swings in frame-by-frame steps, revel at the explosive power as the world's best players make impact, and wince as balls virtually disappear before lipping out, dimple by dimple. 

It also allows us to witness the answer to that immortal question: what happens when you hit a golf ball straight at the sharp edge of an axe?

The video is the work of Australian trick shot artists and sports experimenters How Ridiculous, who have amassed nearly 300,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel, where they perform all sorts of strange tricks and experiments across a variety of sports. 

If you're thinking that hitting a ball at an axe sounds a bit dangerous, you'd be right, but probably not for the reasons you're expecting...

Keep up the pioneering research, chaps.