This 11-year-old bunked off school to play golf with Tiger Woods, beat him, and got a hole-in-one


Bunking off school always seems like a great idea, but the reality rarely lives up to the expectation. You spend the whole day on edge, worrying that your teacher is going to realise that the note you wrote from your mum has suspiciously similar grammatical errors to your homework,  or that when your dad innocently asks how your day went you’ll break like a cheap biscuit. “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE! I DIDN’T GO TO SCHOOL TODAY! I’M SORRY! JUST NO MORE QUESTIONS!”

Even if you do get away with it, having seven hours of free time stretching out in front of you when most of your mates are in school can quickly become a chore. What you envisioned as a day of adventure quickly transforms into a humdrum existence of killing time, watching daytime TV and ambling around local shops. It’s a frightening preview of what it would be like to be unemployed, and it makes you so desperate to be back in school you’ll arrive at the gates at 5am the following morning.  

For 11-year-old Taylor Crozier, however, a day playing truant could not have gone any better. Invited to play the Tiger Woods-designed Bluejack National on its grand opening, the announcer welcomed Crozier onto the first tee in front of a large crowd.


“He’s got a perfect attendance in school this year… until today,” joked the announcer, before a nervous Crozier stepped up to make a swing. Less than 10 seconds later, his ball was disappearing into the hole for Bluejack National’s first ever hole-in-one. 

The crowd, including Woods himself, understandably went wild.

Here’s a video of Crozier’s hole-in-one that beats any day in school:

That shot clearly wasn’t a fluke. As the scorecard shoes, both Crozier and his playing partner, Cece, beat Tiger Woods over the course of nine holes. 


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