What happens when you use a welding torch on a golf ball?


Golf balls are having a pretty tough time of it lately. Only recently they were being fired at the sharp edge of an axe, and now one with a smiley face is being subjected to torture by a welding torch. 

This time the torment was being adminstered by YouTube channel ‘LET’S MELT THIS‘, which, as the name would suggest, specialises in melting things. They’ve melted iPads, watermelons and Coca Cola cans, before turning their dangerously hot hands to a golf ball in their most recent video. 

We’ll be keeping this video handy for the next time our ball doesn’t do what it’s told…

We dread to think what bizarre punishment awaits golf balls next. Being fired out of a cannon? Spending two hours inside a sumo wrestler’s nappy? Being forced to sit through an entire Hollyoaks omnibus? 

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