How to tell if your golf balls are round


All golf balls are flawless spheres, right?

Wrong. Some balls in your bag will have slight imperfections, which could lead to them misbehaving in the air and on greens.


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Here is a test to do this weekend to sort the unblemished from the unbalanced.

● Step one Place your ball in a bowl of lukewarm water.

● Step two Add Epsom Salts into the jug until the ball begins to float.

● Step three Draw a dot on the ball with a felt tip pen.

● Step four Hold the ball under the water, spin it, let it go and study the area of the ball that rises to the top.

● Step five Repeat several times. If different areas rise to the surface each time it is perfectly round. If the same area rises each time it is unbalanced as the heavier side turns to the bottom.

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