Six ways you could make more money betting on golf


Top golf tipster Niall Lyons spills the beans on beating the bookies.

We have all been there, sitting staring into our mobile betting apps trying to work out the best way to turn £5 into £50 on Ryder Cup Sunday or just before the start of a big event and ended up being hopelessly let down by our poor judgement again.

We have put together this guide Niall to help you get out of red and back into the black when betting on the game of golf.

What are the main keys to successful golf gambling?

Preparation. You need to do a lot of research to make money consistently.

What should you research?

I look at the course to see whether it suits long hitters or more accurate golfers, past results to see what type of golfers tend to come out on top, the weather to see if it will change during the event, current form and the market to see what prices the bookies are offering. If you want to beat the bookies in the long run then price is probably the most important.

Are any events better to bet on?

I stake more on the Majors, WGC events and FedEx Cup Play-offs. I can find out a lot more about the venue and players' preparations and partly because all players will be motivated.

Do you bet with traditional bookies or on exchanges like Betfair?

Both. Exchanges for a player win only, as prices are almost always a bit bigger.

After Willett's Masters win, is the 'nappy factor' worth looking out for?

I wouldn't bet on new dads blindly. Having a new baby should be considered a bonus if this backs up previous criteria to picking a winner.

Any specific players readers should follow?

Kevin Kisner has a game that suits tough US Open venues and I've been impressed with Russell Henley's determination. Matt Fitzpatrick is Europe's hottest golf property.

Good luck and if all else fails back the player playing in a pink top, it always works for the Grand National.