Best estate cars for golfers


We’ve teamed up with our good friends at Parkers to bring you their round up of the best estate cars for keen golfers. 

If you’re a golfer, the size of your car’s boot is vital if you want to fit your golf clubs, bags, trolley and everything else in for an 18-hole round.

Standing out in the car park of your club is important too. You don’t want to be blacklisted by the captain before you’ve even hit a shot on the green.

Add a four-ball into the mix and you’ll need a car that can carry four adults as well as their irons, so cabin space is just as important as load capacity.

We’ve compiled a list of the best estate cars for golfers, perfect for both fitting your clubs in, and fitting in at the club.

Volvo V90

Volvo V90

A list of the best estate cars wouldn’t be complete without a Volvo, although its latest models aren’t the last word in practicality that you’d expect them to be.

The V90 still offers acres of passenger space and 560 litres of room in the boot, all wrapped up in a classy package with sleek, low-slung styling and a fabulous interior dominated by a portrait touchscreen and typically Scandinavian materials.

It’ll certainly impress your fellow golfers, plus it’s loaded with advanced technology and safety kit to keep you entertained and safe. It shouldn’t cost too much to run, either, thanks to a choice of two diesel engines.

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Mercedes E-Class Estate

Mercedes E-Class Estate

The E-Class Estate is the way to go if you need to fit the most in the boot of your car, with a whopping 640 litres of space disguised by elegant styling. The good news is it’s still very easy to access thanks to a low loading lip and wide opening.

You’ll also benefit from a huge interior that’s beautifully built and looks especially upmarket, while the driving experience is more comfort-focused than driving thrills like the BMW.

It’s not cheap to buy, but diesel models are frugal so you shouldn’t be visiting the filling station too often.

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Skoda Superb Estate

Skoda Superb Estate

Trumping the Mercedes, the Skoda Superb Estate offers 660 litres of boot space hidden behind its sleek body, while also having plenty of space to accommodate five with ease.

Gone are the days of badge snobbery, as the Superb is comfortable and good to drive, has a classy, high-quality cabin and a huge range of capable engines. You can even get it with the same engine as a SEAT Leon Cupra if you really want to surprise your friends.

Something of a dark horse of the estate world, you can opt for racy Sportline spec or luxurious Laurin & Klement if you’ve got your eyes on a top-spec model.

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Mazda 6 Tourer

Mazda 6 Tourer

The Mazda 6 Tourer is another estate car that disguises its size very effectively. It’s got sleek, eye-catching looks, but underneath the swoopy styling is a spacious interior and a 506-litre boot.

There’s enough space for clubs and four adults and the interior is solid and well built, if not as upmarket as some of the other cars on this list.

If your driving on the fairway isn’t quite up to scratch, then at least you can take solace on the way home, as the 6 is so much fun to drive.

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BMW 5 Series Touring

BMW 5 Series Touring

The BMW 5 Series ticks an awful lot of boxes in standard saloon form, blending neat styling, a luxurious and well-appointed interior and lots of space. It’s also great to drive, comes with lots of efficient yet powerful engines and a desirable badge.

If you need extra practicality, the estate version boasts a 570-litre boot which is ample for fitting your finest set of clubs in – we think the Touring looks better than the saloon, too.

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Audi A6 Avant

Audi A6 Avant

When you’re in the rough, sometimes a 4×4 feels like all you need. With much of its range featuring the excellent Quattro all-wheel drive system, the Audi A6 Avant is a natural choice for golfers.

The boot will hold 565 litres of load, so clubs, bags and trolleys won’t prove a problem for the A6. There’s also plenty of space in the cabin, plus it all feels beautifully built with plush materials and solid construction.

There’s a range of engines and gearboxes available too, from frugal diesels to turbocharged petrols – though the best compromise has to be the BiTurbo diesel which mixes economy with a near-five-second 0-62mph time. That’ll certainly impress your rivals.

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Volkswagen Passat Estate

Volkswagen Passat Estate

The Passat Estate is a car that’s just as at home on the motorway as it is parked outside a posh country hotel. It’s understated, with a high quality interior to match its classy image.

You’ve got a huge number of engines and trim levels to choose from, but all come with a huge 650-litre boot and spacious interior – fitting everything in won’t be a concern with one of these.

If you want a Passat that keeps your conscience clear, a plug-in hybrid GTE version is available for you to silently arrive and depart from the golf club – just don’t hog the charging points for the buggies.

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