Meet the man behind PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf)


Parsons Xtreme Golf, often known simply as ‘PXG’, has been busy building quite a reputation during 2016 and we can only see the brand becoming more popular on Tour during 2017.

The brand claimed three Tour victories in 2016 and is the brainchild of Bob Parsons, who made his millions by founding and later selling domain name registrar Go Daddy, his team are changing the face of equipment technology and here is a rare insight from Parsons himself.


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1 A drive for success

“I joined the marines when I was 17 and fought in Vietnam. I learnt discipline, responsibility, commitment and pride.

I was very successful in business because I took my responsibility to heart, worked hard and made sure I did a good job. Those habits carry right through to what I do now.”

2 Unlimited money and time

“Nobody makes golf clubs the way we do. Period. We have no restrictions on how much we spend designing clubs or how long it takes. The only requirement is that we make the best product that’s ever been made. We really invest and take our time in developing new products so our customers are delighted when we do release something.”

3 Launching clubs when they’re ready

“We’re doing something that none of the major manufacturers have done before. Their products are competing on price and they’re all under pressure to have earnings every year, so they’re releasing products whether they’re better or not.

We develop the very best equipment available and only release products that are noticeably better. We price it based on what it costs us to develop. The first few times you hit it, you’ll know it’s something special.”

4 Presence on tour

“Tour players validate the product, particularly if they win with it. One of the first questions customers used to ask is if anyone plays PXG on tour. Right now, most of them know who plays it on tour.

We’ve got Open and Masters champions and multiple PGA Tour winners all playing PXG. We had three wins in our first season. Not too many companies can say that.”

5 High-end brand perception

“We are very much a boutique brand. Our customers want something that’s a status symbol and they expect a ‘wow’ moment when they hit it.

They expect us to honour the brand and maintain it at the top of the market – much the way Rolex and Cartier do. For example, we don’t attend the PGA Merchandise Show for the same reason Ferrari isn’t at the Detroit Motor Show.”


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