Beef and John Daly talk Tiger Woods and the Masters


In an impromptu joint interview at a kitchen table surrounded by alcohol and cigarettes, Andrew 'Beef' Johnston and John Daly decided to answer some questions on twitter - and the interview quickly moved to Tiger Woods and the Masters.

The topics began with a range of light hearted subjects such as favourite sports and favourite food, but promptly switched to the questions we all really want to know the answers to.

Steve Stricker was asked during his Presidents Cup press conference what he thought of Tiger Woods' chances to come back to the game, and he answered "He’s working hard at it, but I don’t think he’s doing that well right now physically."

He's not the first one to be asked, and he certainly won't be the last. Woods has barely been seen since he withdrew with back spasms at the Dubai Desert Classic, and then despite travelling to the event as a host, pulled out of a press conference at the Genesis Open last month.

As a result, there are constant whispers about Tiger's next move. Naturally a similar question about Woods' likelihood to return was posed to Daly and Beef, and while Daly seemed confident in his response, Beef was less assured and took a longer time to answer the question. 

Daly: "I hope he will, I hope so."

Beef: "I don't know. I really don't know. I hope he does, I really do. He's so good for the game and I grew up watching him and I really want to be able to play against him as well."

The other topic on the tip of everyone's tongue is the first major of the year, and who the duo chose as their picks for the 2017 champion might have everyone surprised.

While World No.1 Dustin Johnson has already won two tournaments this year, he wasn't tipped by either Beef or Daly to finish top of the pile at Augusta. 

Daly: "I mean Dustin Johnson is playing so good but this year I think Rory McIlroy has got a great shot at it the way he's playing. Between Rory and McIlroy and Jason Day is my choice."

Beef: "I'm going to go Rickie Fowler, I think he's playing good golf. And I'm going to have an outside pick of Tommy Fleetwood. Great friend of mine and a great player. First Masters but he hits so many greens and is such a good ball striker." 

Watch John Daly and Andrew 'Beef' Johnstone in the video below...

John Daly and Beef

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