12 reasons to buy the new issue of Today’s Golfer


Ah, putting. Or should that be “aaaarrrrrggggh, putting!” It’s part of the game we all think we should be good at – but in reality, so few of us actually are. It seems so simple. There’s no lunge into the ball... there’s no OB/water/massive slice to worry about... you can’t shank a putt, or hit one fat, or leave one behind a tree... Yet putting really is a dark art.

Given that it’s such an important part of the game – and that many of us will have already walked off a green this spring lamenting those missed four-footers and three-putts from 30 feet – we’ve come up with a comprehensive package to help you improve your stroke and hole more putts this summer. 

Here's our guide to why you should buy the newest edition of Today's Golfer
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1. Meet the world’s hottest putting coach Brit Phil Kenyon, who now works with eight members of Europe’s last Ryder Cup team, including Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose.


2 Please! Fix my putting We took four regular golfers who needed help with their putting – and they got it from European Tour pro Steven Tiley, one of the best putters out there.

Putting fixes

3 Which putter should you buy? There’s a test of the latest face inserts, plus a look at the latest science involving your eyes and the putting stroke, and why yours might be lying


4 Sergio’s winning secret Sergio Garcia, it’s fair to say, has been held back by his putting; yet in the first week of April, he tamed arguably the hardest greens in the world to win his first Major championship. Maybe you should try his claw grip, too. 


5 What it feels like to… Fight an alligator with a putter, make an ace with Tiger and hole the world’s longest putt, plus other incredible stories from golf.


6 Gear Top 10s Our Top 10s reflect our massive Top Gear 2017 mega test, so you know which are the best clubs on sale this year.


7 Justin Thomas exclusive We sat down with the American superstar to find out about the new breed, his friendship with Rickie and Jordan, and where he goes from here.

Justin Thomas

8 Fix your fundamentals! TG top 50 teacher Adrian Fryer offers five simple ways to check your swing ahead of the summer.


9 Fault Fixer Our game-improvement section is packed with brilliant, simple tips from our team of Top 50 teachers to help every part of your game.

Fault fixer

10 TaylorMade irons test We put the M1 and M2 models to the test, so see what each offers and which might suit your game best.


11 Britain’s 50 best short courses They prove that it doesn’t need to be long to be challenging, and fun…

Short courses

12 Insiders’ guide to the Algarve All you need to know about Britain’s most popular foreign golf destination.