Could you play 72 holes in a day?


Macmillan Cancer Support is inviting UK golfers to swing into action and take on their Longest Day Golf Challenge. 

Taking place in three weeks’ time, the Challenge will push golfers to the absolute limit as they take on four rounds of golf during the longest day of the year, June 21, 2017.

With one round taking roughly four hours, challengers will be playing from sunrise (4.45am) through to sunset (21.21pm), using every minute of the 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight available to them. 

Clubbing together a team of four, they will play 72 holes, take some 300 shots and cover a good 20 miles, as they fundraise to support people affected by cancer.

MacMillan longest day

TV presenter and golfing fan, Tim Lovejoy, says: “Tackling 72 holes in one day will really test your golfing prowess but with a bunch of mates by your side and the knowledge that it’s all for a great cause, it will be a fantastic day.

“I know from personal experience the difference Macmillan can make to a family that is affected by cancer and I’d encourage any golf fan to sign up for the Longest Day Golf Challenge and help Macmillan to ensure no one faces cancer alone.”

To take the pressure off the scoring, Macmillan Cancer Support have partnered with VPAR, the world’s leading golf app.

Players will have access to digital scorecards and live leaderboards allowing them to see where they stand against all Longest Day Golf Challengers across the UK, in real-time.

Last year’s event saw over 3,000 teams tee off and raise over £1.5million for Macmillan Cancer Support.  This could pay for nine Macmillan nurses for three years providing emotional, practical and financial support for people affected by cancer and their families.

Swing into action and sign up today to support people living with cancer by visiting, e-mailing or calling 0330 102 7900.

Six survival tips if you’re taking part

By pro Mike Shrieve , who is taking part himself

1 Socks! There’s nothing better than a fresh pair of socks in between rounds. A single round of golf can clock up to 13,234 steps – serious blister territory – so I always make sure I have the comfiest shoes on possible and lots of socks packed.

2 Balls! 72 holes even for a professional is 288 shots, make sure you’ve got enough golf balls to get you through the day, you don’t want to run out of ammo!

3 Eat, drink, repeat. You need to keep yourself fed and watered if you’re going to go the distance.  I always make sure I have mixed nuts and granola bars on the course with me and a healthy high protein breakfast is an absolute must.

4 Beware of the golfer’s tan. We’ve all seen it: the dreaded cap mark, that one white hand, even the sock marks are bad enough. So, get that sun cream on. Playing all day on the longest day of the year you’re going to need it.

5 Loosen up. Warm-up before you get going but don’t waste too many good shots on the practice range! You’ll want to warm down/warm up between rounds too to avoid stiffening up.

6 Take it easy and enjoy yourself. If you hit a bad one off the first tee, don’t sweat it you’ve got 72 holes to play with so just enjoy yourselves and have a great day.