R&A unveil new brand identity and 'playbook' as they set out vision for golf's future


The R&A is looking to the future of golf as it sets out its vision to ensure the long-term success of the sport through staging world class championships, reinvesting in the game, rule changes, modernising the sport and the introduction of a world handicap system. 

A new chapter begins in the long history of the St Andrews-based governing body today with the unveiling of a new brand identity for the R&A and a “playbook” outlining its vision, purpose and values. The new brand is the culmination of The R&A’s work in the last three years to modernise golf and change perceptions of the sport.

The R&A’s vision is to lead by example as a global organisation, working collaboratively with its partners in the sport, that is renowned for its governance work and staging of world class professional and amateur championships.

The organisation also aims to become financially stronger and will invest £200 million in developing golf over the next decade, with the money being split between Golf Governance (£100million), Governance Activities (£55million), Amateur Championship (£30million) and Other Support (£15million).

The R&A Playbook

The new playbook sets out The R&A’s purpose: to make golf more accessible, more appealing and more inclusive and to be responsible for upholding the traditions of golf while embracing change and breaking down barriers to progress.

Its core values are: courage to act in the best interests of the sport; integrity in acting fairly and equally; and inclusivity in growing the sport through achieving greater diversity.

Martin Slumbers, Chief Executive of The R&A, said, “Our new brand brings together everything we have done over the last three years on ways to modernise golf and take the sport forward. We listened to our partners and the organisations and individuals we serve to help us determine what we should seek to achieve as custodians of golf.

"The message came through very clearly that we have a global role to play in leading the sport, while working collaboratively with our partners and international affiliated organisations to grow and nurture golf to ensure that it continues to thrive in 50 years’ time.”

The R&A is involved in a range of initiatives to broaden golf’s appeal and address some of the challenges facing the sport. Working with the USGA, the Rules of Golf have been modernised and updated for 2019 and a new World Handicap System is being developed to create a consistent measure of playing ability for all golfers, regardless of nationality, ability, age or gender.

In June, The R&A introduced the first ever Women in Golf Charter as part of its drive to increase the number of women and girls participating in golf and to encourage more opportunities for women to work within the golf industry. Two new elite amateur events have been introduced: the Women’s Amateur Asia-Pacific and Girls Under-16 Championship. 

Evolving from the previous R&A mark, the new brand identity retains the R&A blue but utilises a secondary colour palette to represent its strategic functions: governance, The Open, commercial, amateur golf, relationships, development and sustainability.

Inside The Playbook

> Governance: Modernising the rules, Review Hitting Distances & Create one global handicap system

> The Open: Enhance the player experience, Inovate for fans & patrons, Leave a lasting legacy

> Commercial: Generate increased revenue, Grow the audience for professional championships, Develop The Open and Women's British Open brands

> Amateur Golf: Stage world class amateur championships & international matches, Enhance staging of Women and girls championships & international matches, and Promote WAGR as the definitive world ranking in amateur sports

> Relationships: Engage with key stakeholders, Strengthen relationships with national associations in GB&I, and Sustain a strong relationship with the USGA

> Development: Help drive participation, Strengthen relationship with affiliated bodies, and Deliver strategic campaigns

> Sustainability: Set the standards for sustainability, Golf Course 2030, and Sustainable staging of Championships

The Key figures

> Doubling reinvestment in the sport over the next 10 years
> Over £80million being invested in women and mixed golf in the next 10 years
> The Open is expected to deliver £1billion of economic benefit across the UK over the next 10 years

The R&A playbook can be downloaded at www.randa.org. The new brand identity is being rolled out through a digital and social media campaign on The R&A’s platforms and to coincide with the release of the 2019 edition of the Rules of Golf.

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