Muirfield invites 12 women to become first female members


Muirfield has formally invited 12 women to become the first female golfers to join the club in it's 275 year history

The news, detailing that 12 women have been formally invited to join the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers - who have their home at Muirfield - comes two years after the privately owned club voted to admit female members for the first time. 

The vote, which was the second of its kind and took place in March 2017, saw a majority of 80.2% vote in favour of introducing female members. On the 19th May 2016, 64% of voters backed the change, but it was not enough to secure the two-thirds needed. It was then revealed members of the Honourable Company of Edinburgh golfers were to reconsider by March 2017.

It was a response to the decision by the R&A, golf's governing body, to remove the 16-time Open Championship venue from the rota after it failed to change it's membership policy. 

And now, two years after the vote was passed, twelve women - and three men - have been invited to join the club from July 1. 

"This marks a milestone in the club's illustrious history, and we look forward to welcoming all of our new members to share in the great values and traditions of our club," said Alistair Campbell, captain of the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers.

"This year marks the 275th anniversary of the club's first recorded golf competition. We are proud of our rich history but equally excited for its future and the part all of our new members will play in the club's cherished traditions."

The candidates were proposed and seconded by members and five referees, before the club's membership were invited to write letters of support - or otherwise - if they know or have played with them.

The women - two of whom are from outside the UK - have progressed through that process and have now been formally invited to join.