Inside TaylorMade's new tour truck


TaylorMade's brand new, double-decker Tour truck is HUGE - and it's making its tournament debut at the Masters next month

TaylorMade's brand new, completely re-designed Tour truck is absolutely massive - and goes beyond the regular perceptions of what a Tour truck is. Weighing 22 tons, the company’s new 42-foot long has two levels, making it not only the biggest, but the first of its kind on the PGA Tour. 

Typically, a Tour truck is a place for players to come for their equipment needs, but TaylorMade say their new space is not just about having a workshop but a place where people can come and hang out. 

The new, modernised workshop includes multiple loft/lie machines, shaft cutters and a dedicated gripping station among a variety of other club building tools for TaylorMade’s Tour team.

Among its additional features are dual slide out pods, a second level for meeting space, twelve individual player lockers, four 4K HDR televisions and a two-zone sound system.

taylormade tour truck

“With our new truck, the company has made a definitive statement that serves as yet another example of our ongoing commitment and dedication to the best players in the world," says Keith Sbarbaro, VP of Tour Operations. 

"It’s a place they can not only come to have their equipment built, but a place they can come hang out and truly feel like part of the TaylorMade family.”

The truck, say TaylorMade, was inspired by the trucks operated on the Formula 1 circuit, and was designed in collaboration with St. Louis-based industrial fabrication experts, Craftsmen Industries.

tour truck

The TaylorMade Tour Truck, by the Numbers:

● 44,000:weight(in pounds)of the trailer
● 35,000: estimated travel miles in first full year on the PGA TOUR
● 1,500+: shafts
● 1,200: TP5 & TP5x golf ball
● 1,000: grips
● 700+: TaylorMade clubheads
● 500: hats & t-shirts
● 450:sq. ft of tinted glass