Sunwise: The sunglasses that aid performance and protect your eyes


Sunwise: The sunglasses that aid performance and protect your eyes from UV rays

When it comes to golf your eyesight is your most important tool when out on the course, your eyes help you to track your ball, read the greens, hit the ball well and judge distances for your shots.

However, many golfers leave their eyes exposed to harmful UV rays for hours on end. With the average age of a golfer being 51 in the UK your eyes are much more susceptible to damage from UV rays. Here are just a few statistics to show the dangers of leaving your eyes unprotected:

• Studies show that by the age of 50 we have been exposed to 90% of our lifetime UV damage

• This can often result in UV related conditions such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration or cancer of the eye

• All three of these diseases can cause vision loss

• The time of day you are most susceptible to UV rays is during the hours of 10am – 4pm or prime golfing hours

Many golfers will apply sun cream before and during their round and protective eyewear is just as important. It is reported that 1 in 5 golfers over the age of 50 suffer with their eyesight on the course and will find their vision suffers.

Sunglasses will help protect the wearer’s eyes from harmful UV rays as well as aide performance on the course. Different coloured lenses can help make tracking the ball much easier, make reading the greens simpler and reduce glare for all round better vision.

Parade Black

RRP: £63.99 

Sunwise® Parade Black sunglasses are ideal for wearing when out on the course or just around the clubhouse. These stylish sunglasses are made in the UK and feature Sunwise® innovative Polafusion® lenses. Meaning the glasses eliminate all glare for optimal visual clarity and provide strong protection from the sun.

parade black sunglasses

The Parade Black model has been designed with the golfer in mind, it’s lightweight yet robust frame can be worn in absolute comfort for hours on end. Its GR2 lenses make tracking the ball in the air much easier and allow the wearer to read all the differences in the greens. With its rimless frame your view will be completely unrestricted and it makes looking at the ball during your swing that much easier. This model can also be directly glazed for those who have prescription needs.


Pacific White

RRP: £33.99

Sunwise® Pacific White sunglasses come with 4 sets of interchangeable lenses allowing the glasses to be worn all year round no matter the conditions. Coming with a super lightweight frame you will hardly notice the glasses on your head. The lilac mirror lenses that come with this model are great at tracking objects at speed and if you often hit your ball into the bushes they can help easily identify your white golf ball.

pacific white glasses

Suited for the golfers with a wider face this model can have its lenses easily changed whilst on the go and offers protection from UV rays from dawn until dusk. If you have any worries of the glasses falling from your face whilst looking down the anti-slip rubber parts and wraparound frame will ensure they sit just right and the stylish design will benefit every golfers look.