Immobigolf could stop your golf clubs being stolen


Are your golf clubs protected from theft? 

Want to hear something scary? Golf club theft in the UK is estimated at £10 million per annum.

Whether your clubs are stolen from your house, car, or at the golf club, it’s a truly sickening feeling. 

We’re therefore very excited by a new initiative called Immobigolf, which aims to tackle golf club theft. 

Immobigolf is encouraging golfers to register the unique serial numbers on their clubs. That helps the police track them down if they are stolen, and can also used by retailers and second-hand club traders to track the ownership history of any club they are offered. That’s a key element, because the majority of golf club thieves try to turn their haul into cash by selling them on.

Immobigolf has come about thanks to cooperation between a number of businesses that were being affected by the rise in golf club theft.

“Golf clubs are considered to be an easy target by criminals because there is an active second-hand market and they are relatively high value,” says John Mantle, Loss Prevention Manager at American Golf.  “Without a system in place to protect golfers, we know that this sort of crime will escalate. When we met with Golfclubs4cash and Immobilise we realised that we could come together to ensure that all golfers are using this free system to protect their clubs.”

“We are seen by thieves as an easy target to sell stolen merchandise to,” says Murray Winton of second-hand club retailer Golfclubs4cash. “Using this software potentially puts an end to that. The software also helps install crucial customer confidence as they know the golf clubs they’ve bought from us have been checked and come from a reputable source."

It’s completely free to use Immobigolf – just visit and register the unique serial numbers on your golf clubs.  

If you want to go one step further and deter thieves, American Golf are selling an Immobigolf pack that shows would-be thieves your clubs are protected. The pack includes identifier labels for your clubs and bright markers that can be placed in your car window and on your golf bag.


There will always be times when your golf clubs are out of sight – some golfers have even gone for a quick post-round drink and returned to find their clubs gone. There are few worse feelings, so we’d wholeheartedly recommend every golfer use Immobigolf and insist on checking the background of any second-hand clubs you’re going to buy.

In an ideal world, every set of clubs in the world would be registered, meaning thieves would realise that stolen clubs are going to be difficult to sell and could easily get them arrested.

“We want all golfers to get their products listed with Immobilise,” says Mantle. “It will mean golfers can get their stolen goods back, but importantly this will also act as a powerful crime prevention tool. If the entire golf community gets behind this initiative, then stolen golf clubs will become too hot for criminals to handle and this sort of crime can become a thing of the past.”

Visit to safeguard your golf clubs today