Reader Opportunity: Get fitted for TaylorMade's new SIM Driver


Enter now for your chance to become on of four lucky golfers to take part in an exclusive TaylorMade SIM Driver Fitting at The Belfry on February 18.

TaylorMade’s brand new SIM drivers go on sale this Friday – and you could join the likes of world No.1 Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, DJ and Jon Rahm in getting fitted for the perfect model for your game. 

And now, we are looking for four golfers to take part in an exclusive SIM Fitting at The Belfry on February 18.

Each player will be fitted for their optimum SIM driver, and then be sent the built-up club in their specs after the fitting.

To be considered for this fitting opportunity – which will appear in the magazine, online and on video – simply tell us the following details:

• Name: 
• Home club (if a member):
• Handicap:  
• Current driver model: 
• My driving strength is: 
• My driving weakness is: 

Send this information in an email to:  

The winners will be notified by 5.30pm on Friday, February 7, 2020.

What you need to know about SIM

The three drivers – SIM, SIM Max and SIM Max D – are all aimed at different golfers, as TaylorMade are well aware one driver doesn't suit everyone. 

To combat that, TaylorMade’s engineers have come up with a brand new “Shape in Motion” concept, which improves aerodynamics at the point in the swing where drivers experience most drag – from 9 O’clock to 6 O’clock in the  downswing – or just before impact, where you need speed to peak.

According to TaylorMade, typical drivers aren’t optimized for this critical point in the swing, as most focus on straight line speed at impact.

But by throwing the kitchen sink of aerodynamic analytics at SIM – thanks to an enormous wind tunnel and sophisticated 3D motion analysis tech – they’ve optimised three new drivers with a new “asymmetrical” sole, which targets how the head rotates aerodynamically through 45° at impact.  

All three models also get a new chromium carbon-fibre crown and grey-tinged chalk paint give a sleek appearance, plus Speed Injected TwistFace to reign in the effects of heel and toe strikes.