REVEALED: The best luxury cars for golfers


What is the best car for a golfer? Have your say in the Parkers New Car Awards 2021, in association with Today's Golfer, and you could win an Amazon voucher!

Parkers – the definitive resource for car buying advice in the UK – has partnered with Today's Golfer to to bring you the award for the Best Luxury Car in the prestigious Parkers New Car Awards 2021.

As golfers there's nothing we like more than a car capable of fitting us, our friends and all of our golf bags with ease and travelling to the course in style and comfort, which is why TG is supporting the Best Luxury Car category, one of a total of 21 coveted awards. 

Whether you’re looking to buy or lease a luxury car, either personally or on the company, the fabulous threesome that have made the shortlist offer all of the opulence and room you’re ever going to need, while helping you relax while covering enormous distances. We have a pair of saloons and the world’s most iconic SUV shortlisted in the awards. 

Will the Audi A8 be named Best Luxury Car?

Probably the most technically advanced new car on sale today, the Audi A8 manages to pack an inconceivable amount of tech into its cabin – but make it effortless to use for the driver. It’s roomy and luxurious, but also manages to feel agile when the going gets tough.

Will the Mercedes-Benz S-Class be named Best Luxury Car?

Despite being on the replacement list by an all-new model, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is still a brilliant car – as demonstrated by its victory in this category in the past three Parkers new car awards. Exceptional comfort and efficiency are the S-Class’s forte. 

Will the Range Rover be named Best Luxury Car?

The model line is now celebrating its 50th year on the market, and it’s showing no sign of losing its appeal. Again, this is now an old model, but constant updates and upgrades have kept this comfortable and appealing SUV at the top of its game 

What are the Parkers New Car Awards?

Now in its fourth year, the Parkers New Car Awards 2021 reflect the views of Britain’s car-buying public, with winners decided by a combination of the site’s expert reviewers’ verdicts in thousands of miles of road testing and the purchasing habits of the website’s 2.3+ million users* actively involved in the buying process.  

Keith Adams, Editor, said: ‘Luxury cars have to tick so many boxes these days – they need to be exceptionally comfortable and effortless on long journeys. But they also need to say the right thing about their owner – or the person sat in the back. These cars all do that so well, and it’s going to be really tough choosing an overall winner.’ 

In addition, you could win one of five £50 Amazon gift vouchers by telling us your favourite cars on the shortlists here.

The Best Luxury Car will be announced alongside all of the winners of the Parkers New Car Awards 2021 at 10am on October 26.

See all of the shortlisted vehicles in all categories at Parkers New Car Awards 2021.

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