• One man’s mission to get more Muslims playing golf

    Written by Michael Catling on Monday, 1 November 2021

    Amir Malik has made it his mission to enpower and inspire Muslims to get into golf. This is how he’s doing it… Since taking up golf seven years ago, Amir Malik has experienced everything from indifference and curiosity to hostility because of his beliefs – and the colour of his skin.  As a practising Muslim, he prays five times a day, eats...

  • Former Troon caddies raise thousands for charity by selling recycled golf balls

    Written by Michael Catling on Friday, 22 October 2021

    Meet the Scottish duo who set-up a discounted golf ball business during lockdown – and are now raking in the cash! Campbell Mathieson and Andrew Bogle have always made a pretty good team. The 23-year-olds went to the same school together, played golf together, and even caddied at Royal Troon together. But it wasn’t until they left for separate universities and then...

  • Amateur golfer aims to play 2,001 holes in a week!

    Written by Michael Catling on Friday, 22 October 2021

    Meet the Irishman attempting to break the world record for most golf holes played in a week – and raise $250,000 for charity! Mick McLoughlin has just finished hitting 1,200 balls at the driving range in Brisbane, Australia, He’ll be back there tomorrow doing it all over again, and the day after that as well.  Nearly 12 months of training will finally...