Hole 12 - Golden Bell


PAR 3 - 155 YARDS

You’re hitting in the region of an 8 or 9-iron and my feeling is to listen to what Jack Nicklaus said: ‘Aim over that front bunker every time for the main reason that if you come up a hair short then you’re in the bunker and not the water.’

The wind whips around there like nobody’s business, so it can be very tricky. The same shot can land on the green or pitch over the back depending on that wind. I like to see the guy I’m working for bring the ball flight down here so that it’s penetrating through the air.

Ian Poulter – "The 12th looks like a fairly innocuous par 3 – 150 odd yards over the water, no problem! – but it is anything but. The wind is very, very tricky here, although you can get a sense of which way it’s blowing by looking at the flag on the 11th green. If that is blowing one way, then the wind will be going the other way for your tee shot on the 12th. Despite the length it isn’t really a birdie hole. You have a target in the middle of the green about the size of a table tennis table. Land your ball there and take two putts. If you offered me four pars for the week I’d take them right now."

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