Hole 14 - Chinese Fir


PAR 4 - 440 YARDS

Got to hit a draw off the tee and then we’re talking an 8-iron or so.

You mustn’t be short and it’s 14 yards from the front of the green to the ridge in the middle. With some flag positions here you can hit it 30 feet left and it’ll run 20 feet from left to right. This is a hole where two shots can pitch a foot apart and one has a five-footer for birdie and the other a 55-footer.

Lee Westwood – "It’s a tough drive that you just have to sling up there. If you get it on the fairway it’s a birdie chance. It’s one of those severe greens that if you miss in the wrong spot you’re completely knackered. I hit an approach shot in practice that I thought would leave a nice enough chip as it was short of the green. But when I got there it was screwed. You’re talking three yards between it being fine and impossible."

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