Interview: Brandt Snedeker


Brandt Snedeker: Best Open finish: T3, 2012

What’s your favourite part of Open week?
There’s always a ton of history involved when you go over there and you see the names on that trophy. It’s a fun week. It’s such a different style of golf that you really embrace it.

What do you make of links golf?
I really enjoy it because it’s so different to what I grew up playing. I played in a couple British Amateurs, one at Prestwick. It’s a very creative style of golf, there’s no one way to play it. I like that. I like having options and having to curve your golf ball against the wind.

How do you prepare for it?
I’ll get there early and form a game plan. Hopefully I can play enough golf on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday before Open week where I should be able to see every wind condition by the time the Championship gets started.

Do you know much about Hoylake?
I’ve never played there so I’m looking forward to it. You’ve got to embrace links golf. I used to play ‘American’ golf, trying to play right at pins. Recently I’ve been doing a much better job at it.

If it’s hard and fast will you scale back on driver like Tiger did in 2006?
Depends on how the conditions are. They dictate everything so much over there, especially the wind direction.

What do you make of British food and drink?
Very eclectic! You eat a lot of different stuff, Thai, Italian, Indian. I love trying different pub foods, too. I love the ales!

Does the time difference affect you?
I might have an ale or two the first night, trying to get over the jet lag.

What do you make of British fans?
They realise that hitting it to 25 feet is sometimes a great shot.

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