Masters 2009 Immelman Interview


Trevor Immelman said that even if he wins this week tonight’s Champions dinner is going to be the highlight of the week for him. “Just seeing all those legends tonight is going to be awesome,” he said. “I came down here a month ago to play a couple of rounds, and the thrill of walking into the Champions Locker Room and seeing my locker in there was a thrilling experience. Every time I come to this place I get inspired. “

Asked if he would do anything different if he had his year as Champion again, he said: “I wouldn’t put myself under as much pressure next time around. When I won last year I thought I could play like that every week, and when I didn’t I got down on myself. I now realise it’s just not possible to do that every week. Well, it is possible, because Tiger does it, but the jury is still out as to whether he is actually human or not. It’s not possible for us lesser mortals.”

Immelman said he spent a long time thinking about what to serve at the Dinner. “I was going to have all this strange meat which we have back home on a braii, but then I thought no one would want to eat anything, so I’ve gone with a slightly more conservative option.”

They will start with South African Spinach Salad, follow that with Babotie (curried meat and fruit) and Chicken Sosaties (grilled chicken on skewers) and finish with Melktert (milk tart).