The Open Championship In Association With Nikon

The weather, as always, will play a major role at The Open and the early 1st round starters should have the best of the conditions.

The early risers were greeted with perfect golf conditions - warm sunshine with barely a breeze to worry about so getting up at the crack of dawn could well prove a blessing in disguise, a significant advantage come the end of the day.

Until midday the weather forecast was 'mostly dry with bright or sunny spells and with a 30% chance of a shower by midday' while wind-wise it will be 'calm, becoming southwest 5-10mph by mid to late morning with possible 15mph guests.'

Having said that the early starters should have the most favourable playing conditions, they didn't appear to be taking advantage with only a handful of players under par (and all just -1) after the first two hours play.

Nobody had fired themselves into an early lead and was burning the course up as thought was likely to be the case with favourable conditions.

It has been a fairly slow, uneventful start to the 138th Open Championship and hopefully Tiger and co. will liven things up a bit later in the day.

But the early indications are that Turnberry, particularly its slender fairways and penal rough, was unexpectedly bearing its teeth and proving a hard nut to crack.