Lefty goes back to links basics


Phil Mickelson is adopting a "fresh start" to links golf as he bids to end his Open Championship nightmares at Royal St George's this week.

'Lefty' has had precious little luck and success on these shores in the past and during his press conference today declared: "I'm not worrying about past performances, I'm making a fresh start.

"I'm trying to learn the challenges and nuances of links golf and I'm trying to pretend this is my first time here.

"I don't want to dwell too much on past performances," he stressed. "I want to appreciate the skill of playing the ball on the ground. I feel excited and re-invigorated about playing this style of golf and to play it effectively."

The four-times major champion revealed he "really enjoys links golf" pointing out: "I really appreciate the challenge involved though in the past I've not necessarily done or performed very well at it."

Lefty mainly attributed that fact to his work on the greens though he reckons he may have put that right which could put him into contention this week. "My putting has held me back in the past," he conceded. "But I've started to putt and read the greens better now.

"I'm starting from scratch and am going into this week with an open mind...and with new ideas on how to play effectively. And I'm very excited about the prospects."