Woods' latest withdrawal could signal bigger injury problems


Tiger Woods announced on Wednesday that he won't participate in next week's AT&T National Tournament due to a chronic leg injury. Dr. Ronald Grelsamer, an expert in orthopaedic surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center, believes Woods' absence signals a more severe injury than the golfer has let on.

"My initial thought was it had to be more than a Grade I MCL sprain when he hurt himself hitting out of an awkward stance at the Masters," Dr. Grelsamer said yesterday.

"You just don't get that playing golf and if you do, you recover pretty quickly. He's not my patient, but I would suspect there is an underlying condition that is not related to golf."
Dr. Grelsamer said his patients who suffer from similar injuries typically require a six to nine month recovery period. If the leg damage is serious, Woods may need to take the rest of the year off to recover fully.

"I wouldn't be surprised if that big announcement is coming. The odds get better with each week he misses."

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