USGA Moves To Tackle Slow Play On The PGA Tour


After the almost embarassing final round of the the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines, the USGA have finally decided to act upon the slow pace of play on the PGA Tour.

The 'Pace of Play Initiative' will analyse courses, looking at factors such as length, green-to-tee walks, location and number of hazards and the gaps between tee times

The resulting data will create the first-ever dynamic model based on quantifiable data – a model that will be used to help speed up golf, for both the professional game and your Sunday roll-up.

The USGA also plan to educate golfers. USGA President Glen Nager said the Association needs to “double down” on its efforts to educate players on the fundamentals of how to play faster. Messages on improving pace of play will include picking up your ball on a hole once you cannot score and the promotion of alternate formats such as matchplay, foursomes and Stableford scoring.

The 'Tee It Forward' campaign will also continue to be promoted as a way to speed play and provide more enjoyment.

Nager continued to say:“The cry that pace of play has become one of the most significant threats to the game’s health has become only louder over the last year. Industry research clearly shows that slow play and the amount of time it takes to play a round of golf detract from the overall experience and threaten to drive players away from the game.

“This problem touches every golfer, from the professional to the elite amateur to the collegiate player to the millions of recreational golfers at both public and private facilities.

“Significantly improving pace of play in the game is eminently possible, and we welcome the enthusiasm and contributions of the entire golf community as we work together toward this important goal.”