Inside The Ropes With Justin Rose’s Caddy


Mark Fulcher has been a vital cog in Justin Rose’s rise to world beater. As part of our special 25th anniversary issue, he told TG how it’s happened.

Justin’s work ethic is extraordinary and has been ever since I started working with him. He’s an easy guy to work for. He works hard and there’s some long hours every now and then, but you don’t even notice them because you become part of a team, one that hopefully will continue to do well.

It seems to me he is on a mission to see how good he can become. The standard in golf is extraordinary at the moment. It seems every year you have to add 5% and it’s a pleasure watching Justin going after it.

We’ve been together just under five years. What have I seen in that time? The dramatic change is obviously in his swing. It’s got progressively better and more consistent with Sean (Foley), physically he’s done some amazing work with Justin Buckthorp (fitness coach) because when I first started working with him he had slight back issues, but with the swing changes and physically, he’s now doing the right things.

I am biased, but I honestly believe he has got as much talent as anyone out here and we’re excited where this could take him. I’m only a little part of it. He’s obviously very happily married to Kate, they’ve had two children now and what I would say, Justin’s got a great eye for building a loyal team around him. To some extent myself, physio, Marcus his manager, Kate, the family, his mind guy, Sean, the best coach in the world. He’s very quietly got an excellent team around him.

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