Justin Rose’s Putting Tips


We recently caught up with the new US Open champion, Justin Rose, to get his tips on how to hole more putts.

There were times in the past when I’ve got frustrated with myself and started doubting myself as a putter, but I wouldn’t have won big events if I wasn’t a good one.

But one thing David Orr has stressed to me is that it’s as much the tool as the workman, so finding the right combination of ball and putter is very important.

Finding a putter you’re comfortable with makes a big difference to your confidence. My problem used to be missing to the right and left-to-righters were particularly tough for me.

I was aiming right and leaving it out there, tinkering with putters, my stance, ball position and trying to be too detailed analysing why I wasn’t holing putts, when I was giving myself so many chances.

You can hit a perfect putt and it not go in. You’ve got to accept that. Tell yourself you’re a bad putter and what’s going to happen? Tell yourself you’re a great putter and chances are you will make it.


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