In the least surprising (but still disappointing) news of the day, Adam Scott is out of the Olympics


Adam Scott has hardly made his feelings about Olympic golf a secret. 

“I’ve been pretty open and outspoken that it’s not really a priority of my scheduling, which is based around the majors,” he said a couple of months ago. “If the Olympics fits in, then it does. The gap in the schedule there… some time off looks quite good actually. It is absolutely a possibility I won’t go as it is not a priority in my schedule.”

Now, in a move that will surprise no one, Scott has confirmed that he won’t be participating.

“My decision has been taken as a result of an extremely busy playing schedule around the time of the Olympics, and other commitments, both personal and professional. I have informed the Australian team captain and relevant authorities, who are understanding of my position, and I wish the Australian Olympic Team the very best of luck in Rio.”

Scott isn’t the first major winner to opt out. Last week, Vijay Singh announced that he wouldn’t be competing, which perhaps paved the way for Scott’s announcement. 

Scott, who has two wins already this season, doesn’t understand why any of his fellow tour pros are excited about the prospect of a trip to Rio.

“It [an Olympic medal] is nothing I have ever dreamed of having and it really doesn’t have any significance for golf,” he said. “I’m not really sure how just having another golf tournament is really going to enhance the game or grow the game any more than any other tournament just because it’s the Olympics. That’s nothing to take away from the Olympics, but I’m just not sure that they have got it quite dialled in with the format and might have missed an opportunity there to do something pretty special for golf.”

Fans won't be seeing this in Rio

As it stands, Australia would be represented by world number one Jason Day and world number 34 Marc Leishman. Hardly a weak pairing, but the Australian Olympic committee are understandably disappointed to lose Scott from their team.

“Personally and on behalf of the team, that’s really disappointing that that’s Adam’s view,” says Australian Olympic team chef de mission Kitty Chiller. “I’d love to see him play, as I’m sure would the whole of Australia and the whole of the golfing world.”

“That’s his choice and we certainly don’t force anyone to go to the Olympic Games. We don’t have to because most athletes dedicate their lives to doing that.

“We want to have Adam in the team, yes, but we only want people who genuinely want to be there.

“I think most Australians would give their right arm to represent Australia at the Olympic Games. We have to respect his decision.”

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