Leaked letter could mark big changes to Augusta's 13th hole


Augusta National have completed a long-rumoured deal to aquire a piece of land belonging to Augusta Country Club, according to reports

There has been long-running speculation that Augusta National have been trying to purchase a piece of land from neighbouring Augusta Country Club, and it now appears to have been completed. 

The land, which forms Augusta Country Clubs eights and ninth holes, is next to the green of the 12th and the tee of iconic par-five 13th hole at Augusta National and has now sparked debate about what will happen to the 13th hole in the future. 

Augusta radio personality Austin Rhodes shared the letter from Augusta Country Club president Jay B. Forrester, before it was tweeted below by Sean Franton.

The letter told members "we have reached an angreement with our friends and neighbours at Augusta National Golf Club for it's purchase of property at our northwest boundary" had been approved by the club's board of governors.

"As part of the arrangement that will result in the transfer of acreage to Augusta National, I can confirm that a portion of the eighth and a new ninth hole will be constructed at no cost to Augusta Country Club"