What you can learn from Jon Rahm’s swing


What a season it’s been for Jon Rahm.

Seven PGA top tens already, including his breakthrough win at the Farmer’s Insurance Open, have shot the young Spaniard into the upper reaches of the FedEx rankings and into the world’s top 10 – and this aged just 22, and in only his second full year as a pro.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about his game is his driving, and the power he generates from what appears to be a short backswing. Being 6ft 2in and weighing 220lb certainly doesn’t hurt, but here we look at four ways he develops power, which any golfer can adopt.

Jon Rahm

Rahm displayed yet more incredible golf to take home his second win in 2017 and his first on the European Tour at the DDF Irish Open at the weekend.

Playing a TaylorMade M2 driver and the new TP5x ball, Rahm averaged 308 yards off the tee en-route to a 24-under score. This is what you can learn from his swing according to TG Top 50 teacher Ian Clark. 

Width equals power

This backswing may appear short to you, but looks can be deceiving. Look at how high Rahm’s clubhead is at this point, and visualise how far from the ball it is. Get your clubhead a long way from the ball at the top and it has plenty of time to pick up speed throughout the downswing.

Right knee straightens

Many of you will have been told to retain your trail knee flex during the backswing. In fact, as Rahm demonstrates, it will ideally straighten slightly. When you do this, your hip turn will increase and you will apply pressure into the ground through your right heel. Both will help in the creation of power. 

Jon Rahm

Left wrist bows

A bowing lead wrist strengthens the clubface, adding distance. However, a bowed lead wrist can also make the right-hander hit it left. To stop this Rahm rotates his body hard on the way down. By keeping his body ahead of the club, he builds powerful lag as well as stopping the face turning over.

Body angles retained 

To create serious speed we need a stable position to swing from, and here Jon has maintained his angles wonderfully. His shoulders have turned on a right-angle to his spine, and as you remember from your physics class, things move their fastest when turning at 90º to their axis.

In Jon Rahm’s bag

Driver: TaylorMade M2 2017 10.5 / Aldila Tour Green 75X

Fairway wood: TaylorMade M1 2017 15° / Aldila Tour Green 75X

Driving iron: TaylorMade RSi TP UDI #4 / 23° / True Temper Project X 6.5

Irons: TaylorMade P750 5-PW / True Temper Project X 6.5

Wedges: TaylorMade Milled Grind / 52° & 56° (SB) / True Temper Project X 6.5; EF wedge / 60° / True Temper Project X 6.5

Putter: Spider Tour Red

Ball: TaylorMade TP5x

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