WATCH: Sergio hits 410 yard drive into burn - and then hits out of it!


Sergio Garcia hit a 410 yard drive on the 10th hole at Carnoustie... in to the burn. And then he got in it and hit out. 

In a Jean Van de Velde-esq moment, Sergio Garcia got in to the Barry Burn at Carnoustie and contemplated hitting his shot out of it. 

Only unlike Van de Velde, Garcia actually followed through with his intention and hit it, going on to make bogey.

Admittedly the part of the burn on the 10th hole that Garcia found himself was noticeably bigger and his ball was sitting up while he able to place his feet on a drier part of the banking, but it was still an unusual sight to see.

Normally, the burn wouldn't even be close to being in play for players on the 10th tee, but the baked out fairways meant that the ball was running fast - and with a straight shot like Sergio's, there was only one place for it to go. 

"Well, the way I hit my driver, I never thought it was going to get to the burn," Sergio said of the shot. "I hit -- the wind was down on the right. So I hit a cut drive. I never thought I would get it that far. Obviously, it must have just rolled in.

"You know, it's funny. I wish I would have got the bounce I got on 9. On 9 I hit a beautiful drive in the middle of the fairway, and it took a huge hop to the right and went in the rough. It would have been nice if that happened on 10 instead of on 9. Unfortunately, it didn't happen on either of them, and I made bogey on both of them.

"It was just one of those days, and I didn't hit a good shot on 12 after hitting a great drive and three-putted. And I hit a great putt on the next and had a big lip-out. And then on 14 I pulled it, and it went in -- there was one little bush, and it went right in it. It's one of those things, I guess.

"I did get it out. It would have been nice, there was one little rock behind the ball. If that little rock had not been there, I'm sure I could have got on the green. Unfortunately, the rock was there. I was hoping it was going to come out fairly straight, and it came out, obviously, hit -- the ball hit the rock as I hit it with the club, and it came out left, and then it went pretty much in the bunker again.

"I didn't have a stance. I couldn't get to the flag. And I ended up making a good 5, I guess."