Brooks Koepka denies Dustin Johnson Ryder Cup bust up, calls claims 'laughable'


Brooks Koepka has denied any altercation with Dustin Johnson after the U.S.A's Ryder Cup loss to Europe, calling the claims 'laughable'. 

Brooks Koepka has refuted claims that he and World No.1 Dustin Johnson were involved in any altercations either before or after the Ryder Cup, stating that he thinks everyone is looking for excuses as to why the better-on-paper U.S team lost resoundingly in Paris

The original claims were made by witnesses cited in an article published cited in The Telegraph, stating that the pair had to be separated in the European Team Room after their loss. Soon after, French publication L’Equipe went on to say that the first row involving the two players began on the flight over to France. 

“The whole Dustin thing... I don’t get it” said three-time major winner Koepka while speaking at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in St Andrews this morning.  

“There was no fight, no argument. He is one of my best friends. We talked on the phone yesterday so tell me how we fought, I don’t know. 

“People like to make a story and run with it and it's not the first time there's been a news story that isn't true that's gone out.

"It’s actually quite funny to us as we are really good friends and there was no argument, no fight. 

"We've never fought, that's not our relationship. We're two even-keel guys... I can't even remember raising my voice to him and he's never raised his voice at me, ever, in our four years of friendship, that's not who we are.

"I saw one thing, we got in a fight on the plane over. We're sleeping. It's just laughable, it really is.

"You look at our demeanors, you see it, we're pretty calm, cool, laid back and that's just you guys trying to find why we lost and make an excuse."

"I'd be curious though who would win in a fight, I feel like it would be pretty interesting" he added, laughing. 

The story followed Patrick Reed's interview where he hit out against Jordan Spieth and Jim Furyk following the U.S.A's defeat to Europe on Sunday, but Koepka maintains the story between him and DJ has been created as many are searching for the reasons why they were beaten. 

“The problem is you guys try to find a reason why we lost,” added Koepka. “The whole Dustin thing, it’s actually quite funny to us as we are really good friends. 

"The camradarie we have, we still have a group chat that we've been chatting on for months now. We've all been talking about it, we wish we all could have played better, but it's just that simple. We just didn't play good enough.

"We didn't make the putts, hit the fairways, especially me. I lost two matches and halved another one. If I won those, if Tiger (Woods) wins his; Dustin lost one with me and then I think lost in the singles.

"If we play how we're supposed to play we win, it's simple as, but there's nothing wrong with our team. Our team was great, Jim was great."

Koepka also spoke emotionally about the tragic accident that occured in Paris, where 49-year-old Corine Remande, who has been blinded in her right eye after being struck with Koepka's tee shot on the 6th hole on Friday. He called it one of the worst days of his life. 

“Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life," Koepka said about Mrs Remande. "My heart sank when I heard.”

He also took to social media about the incident, explaining he was heartbroken and had reached out to her and her family.