John Daly recovering from emergency surgery after spider bite


‘Spider Pro’: John Daly ‘in serious pain’ as he recovers from surgery after being bitten by a spider in England last week

John Daly was left needing emergency surgery after being unknowingly bitten by a brown recluse spider while on a family holiday in England last week.

As a result of the bite, Daly developed a major infection in his abdominal area and was subsequently treated for early sepsis. 

“‪Was in England last wk & incurred a spider bite, not really knowing it,” Daly wrote on Facebook. “Fast forward to Friday, mouth/mouth, compressions & unknowingly now in an ambulance rushed to ER all while on family vacation & straight into surgery! Removing what developed into a major infection in my abdominal area & treated for early sepsis all from a brown recluse!”

The former Open champion, 53, took to social media to share the news, and said he was in serious pain.

“Not just knee pain now but abdominal pain but Prayers to the big man above I’m alive. Spiders are NO JOKE!”

It comes just a few days after the news that his request to use a golf buggy at the Open Championship was turnd down by the R&A.  

Daly, who opted not to post a picture because it was too graphic, thanked the hospital that treated him, while also stating that his caddie has now named him ‘SpiderPro’. 

He followed the post with a series of hashtags: ‬#SpiderPro #photoistoographic #GladtobeAlive #InSomeSeriousPain

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