Honda Classic: Alex Cejka disqualified for using illegal green reading materials


Alex Cejka became the first player to be disqualified for using a green book that does not adhere to the Rules of Golf's new limitations

Alex Cjeka was disqualified during the first round of the Honda Classic on Thursday when it came to the attention of the rules officials that he was using an old green book for PGA National that no longer adheres to the scale limitations announced in October. 

The rule (4.3) states that a golfer can continue to use a green book, except that 'Any image of a putting green must be limited to a scale of 3/8 inch to 5 yards (1:480) or smaller (the “scale limit”)' and that 'Any book or other paper containing a map or image of a putting green must not be larger than 4 ¼ inches x 7 inches (the “size limit”)'.

Cejka's old green reading materials did not fit the new scale limit. 

“It was brought to the committee’s attention that Alex might possibly be using some old greens reading materials,” said Robby Ware, the PGA Tour rules official who spoke to Cejka. “Alex was basically using an old yardage book and old greens reading materials that did not fit the size to scale limit.

“He knew he was using an old book. He told me that. I don’t know that he was completely understanding of what the scale limits are.”

“The new scale limits is obviously much smaller. That was the violation.”

It turns out it was Cejka's playing partner, Cameron Tringale, who spotted the green book he was using and spoke to both Cejka and an official.

“I saw it and told my caddie,” Tringale said. “I mentioned it to [Cejka] but was unfamiliar how exactly to proceed. I told the first official I saw what I had seen.

“I was perplexed. That doesn't look right. Did I really see that?

Ware then spoke to Cejka on completion of the 14th hole, and he was then taken back to the clubhouse on a golf-buggy, having been disqualified as a result of the new rules. Tringale and Palmer finished the round as a two-ball.

“When we finished the 14th hole, I went to use the bathroom and when I came out I saw [Cejka] riding off in a cart.”