Justin Thomas opens up about skin cancer scare


Justin Thomas encourages everyone to 'to get checked' after revealing skin cancer scare

Justin Thomas took to social media on Thursday to reveal that he recently had a small mole removed from his leg which had shown the early stages of melanoma, otherwise known as a form of skin cancer. 

The 26-year-old major champion said that he was lucky enough to have caught the mole early and should experience no further problems, but explained that he shared his story in the hope people would learn from it. 

Golfers in particular experience a lot of exposure to the sun because of the very nature of the game, and Thomas encouraged everyone - junior golfers especially - to get themselves checked.

"I recently had a scare at the dermatologist where a very small mole on my left leg was caught in the early stages of melanoma," Thomas wrote on social media, accompanied by a picture of the scar left on his leg from the mole removal.

"Luckily, we found it at a time where there should be no problems going forward. That being said, EVERYBODY GO GET CHECKED!! No harm can come from it and it's the best way to catch anything before it becomes a serious issue.

"Especially for all the junior golfers (and other athletes) spending so much time in the sun. It is so important to make sure you're monitoring your body - no matter how old you are or how much sunscreen you use. It really got my attention, and hoping it does the same to y'all!"

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