A quick 18 with... Lucas Bjerregaard


The two-time European Tour winner on playing with Tiger for the first time, his celebrity pro-am partner who suffered an attack of the shanks and the moment he bared all in front of his friends…

Given the power, what one thing would you change in golf? 
Pace of play. If rounds could take four-and-a-half hours, rather than more than five, that would be nice. 

Do you think the Major season is too condensed?
Yeah, I think so. It was more interesting when the PGA Tour finished later and it wasn’t so boom-boom-boom.

What one piece of advice would you give to an amateur?
Live golf. Play and practise as much as you can. If you are 14 or 15 years old, that’s what I did. But have fun with it. A lot of people take it too seriously and expect too much.

Describe yourself in three words?
Shy, thoughtful and quiet. 

Do you have a hidden talent?
No, no, no. I suck at every other sport I’ve tried. 

Any superstitions?
I’ve got a couple. I use the same coin to mark my ball and if I make birdie with a ball, I don’t change it. If I make a bogey, I definitely change it.

Most embarrassing moment?
I did hit a shot last year in Hamburg in nothing but my briefs. That must be the most embarrassing. I had a few friends watching.

What’s your best pro-am story?
I teamed up with Ruud Gullit at the Dunhill a couple of years ago. He was struggling a little bit with a bad back and played Kingsbarns with the shanks going on. He hit it just right of the green on 7 and then he shanked it, and shanked it, and shanked it again. Basically, he went around in a circle and ended up almost in the same place where he started. He didn’t touch the green with four or five shots.

Course you’d pay to play? 

Career highlight?
Winning the Dunhill.

Last time you were starstruck?
Playing with Tiger. It was in the WGC-Match Play and I beat him.

Who’s the angriest player on tour?
Thomas Pieters.

Biggest joker?
I like Stenson’s sense of humour. Perhaps it’s something us Swedes and Danes have in common.

Last boxset you binge watched?
Let’s check my Netflix account. Oh, The Office. I’ve just finished watching it for the fifth time.

What’s your foodie weakness?
I have a sweet tooth. I like all kinds of desserts unfortunately. But I love Asian food. Sushi is probably my weakness.

Do you have a signature dish?
Oh, wow. Steaks or something simple. Something I can’t mess up. Luckily my missus does most of the cooking.

What would you prefer to do: Win a Major or hole the winning putt for Europe in a Ryder Cup?
To be fair, I would love to hole the winning putt because I think you would have a great night out if you won a Major championship, but you’d have a hell of a night out if you holed the winning putt in a Ryder Cup!

Dream fourball?
Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Arnold Palmer. I would love to have heard some of Arnie’s stories.

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