Edoardo Molinari: 500 shots and chasing a hole in one


Ever wondered how many shots it would take a professional golfer to make a hole-in-one?

The odds of an average golfer making an ace are roughly one in 100,000, while stats suggest a European Tour pro's chances are closer to one in 2,500.

Do you think if you could get 500 golf balls and hit consecutively to a hole you would get a hole in one? Ahead of this week's Italian Open, the European Tour did just that to see if they could beat the odds.

They challenged three-time European Tour winner Edoardo Molinari to go a couple of thousand better. With a day and 500 balls to play with on a 145-yard par three, could he beat the odds and find that one, perfect shot? 

What began as a light-hearted challenge developed into something more profound; a trip inside the psyche of a complex golfing mind and a journey to the verge of madness for Dodo Molinari. It turns out - it is NOT as easy as it sounds.