Jordan vs Corden: Target practice on The Late Late Show


James Corden invited Jordan Spieth on to The Late Late Show last night for a little bit of target he talks what it was like playing golf (and losing) to Barack Obama 

And it was hilarious. With the host strapped to a target, Spieth was given 60 seconds to chip as many golf balls as he could in to three holes on the board - made harder by the wheel spinning Corden around at some pace. 

While Jordan showed off his wedge game with some impressive shots, he also hit the host numerous times as he was crying out shouts of 'this is terrifying' and 'aim for the holes Jordan'. We imagine was pretty sore - even with a crash helmet, gloves and a chest pad more of astroturf.

WATCH the video below to find out what happened! 

But that's not all! While having a chat with his other guests Kenneth Branagh and Dustin Hoffman, Corden asked Spieth about the famous picture that surfaced of him playing golf with Steph Curry and Barack Obama - and he told the audience the how he was beaten and the funniest thing the former President told him on the course.

Watch below to find out what he said