Electric Trolleys


Motocaddy M5 GPS – From £749.99

We were really impressed when we first set eyes on the M5 GPS in January. It’s a sleek piece of kit, and the touchscreen works just like an iPhone. It’s taken a while to get the design and waterproof housing just right, but it’s been worth the wait; this is one of our favourite electric trolleys of 2020.

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As well as GPS access to 40,000 courses around the world – front, middle and back distances, along with the ability to move flags, measure shots and check for any hazards on the hole – the M5 is absolutely packed with features. When the trolley is hooked up to the free Motocaddy GPS app, golfers can receive smartphone notifications – missed calls, texts, emails and messenger alerts.


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PowaKaddy CT6 GPS – From £799

PowaKaddy’s new CT6 GPS gives you everything you’ll find on the all-singing, all-dancing FX7 GPS (with the exception of a smaller 2.8-inch colour screen), but rolled into a much more compact package.

The world’s smallest GPS trolley gives you all the same distance info to greens and hazards on 40,000 courses around the world, plus a scorecard feature, free of charge for the life of the trolley.

Whereas the FX models have a one-click folding system, a two-fold system is required to get both CT models into an impossibly small space. PowaKaddy say that’s where the extra cost of a compact goes, in the folding mechanism. It also means CT trolleys now come with adjustable height handles, which is a great asset.


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Motocaddy S1 – £549.99

Not everyone wants every bell and whistle on their electric trolley, and that’s where the S1 comes in. According to Motocaddy it’s been the world’s top-selling electric trolley over the past decade, and for 2020 there’s new styling and new features, including an updated handle design, stylish new frame and wheel colours.

It includes USB charging, an anti-glare LCD screen, nine speed settings and Adjustable Distance Control (ADC) in 15, 30 and 45-yard increments. QUIKFOLD allows the trolley to be ready-to-use in seconds, plus the soft-touch handle has been updated.

All-in it’s everything you’d want in an electric trolley at a really attractive price.


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PowaKaddy FX7 – From £679.99

PowaKaddy’s new FX series replaces the very popular Freeway family. And the FW7 is our pick of PowaKaddy’s 2020 range because it offers everything you need (other than GPS, which you can get in the FX7 GPS or the compact CT6 GPS) in an electric trolley, including a three-year warranty.

Like all 2020 PowaKaddy models, it has a whisper-quiet motor, anti-tamper dial control to stop you accidentally turning the trolley on and a chassis that’s 20% smaller than previous Freeways.

Extra features come in the form of a clock, calorie counter, round timer, speedo and distance measuring function, which measures not only how far you’ve hit a drive or approach, but also how far the trolley’s travelled during its lifetime. It does all that via PowaKaddy’s largest 3.5in colour screen.

Like all 2020 PowaKaddys it’s beautifully engineered.


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