Launch Monitors


Foresight sports GC Quad ££9,995 (ex VAT)

The sheer amount of information you can glean from a GC Quad is the reason we picked it as the launch monitor for all our testing this year – and why you should ask to be fitted with one. Of course, you get all the "usual" data you'd expect – carry distance, spin rates, clubhead speed, total distance, accuracy – but the GC Quad excels for us because it also gives you strike impact data; where the ball hits the face, and how that affects launch, carry etc.

That's crucial when testing or fitting clubs because it lets you see how different technology mitigates off-centre strikes (TaylorMade used GC Quads to come up with Twist Face). Throw in its new putting capability, plus the opportunity to play different courses in conjunction with a simulator, and we're happy to say this is the best launch monitor on sale right now. We're not expecting club golfers to go and buy one (though celeb golfers like Harry Kane do have the set-up at home), but if you're buying new clubs this year and expect to be fitted, enquire which launch monitor the pro is using.

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