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Shot Scope V2 - £169

Serious golfers have been at the heart of Shot Scope from the start and it's thanks to this eye for detail that Shot Scope have developed one of the most useful analysis platforms. You can drill down into interactive graphs and charts to learn everything about your game. Stats are broken down into tee shots, approach shots (outside 50 yards), short game (inside 50 yards) and putting, and the guys at Shot Scope reckon their data is so good at helping you improve, you don't need an electronic caddie to tell you which club to hit.

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Arccos Caddie - £249.99

Arccos have established themselves as the No.1 name when it comes to grip-based shot tracking, providing tags to major brands like Cobra (and we hear another is set to get the tech in 2020). But Arccos Caddie takes things a step further, by using artificial intelligence to "learn" your shot patterns so it can recommend the ideal play for any scenario based on your past performances. A vast array of stats are available on the slick Arccos app, and this year's addition of Arccos Link (so you don't need a phone in your pocket to receive data) is a huge benefit.

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Shot Scope V2
Game Golf Garmin
Approach CT10

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