Recover from rough


Short-game shots from thick rough are unique in that they require some important set-up and swing changes in order to get the ball close consistently. If you try and play a chip from the rough in the same way as you would from the fairway, you’ll soon look silly.
Get your hands lower down the shaft to achieve more of a downward hit, and hit with some conviction. Take a few zippy practice swings in the rough to get a feel for the resistance it’s going to give you, allow for it with your swing length and fully commit.
We’re not trying to use the bounce on this shot. Setting the clubface square activates the leading edge, which gets the clubhead working down underneath the ball rather than being forced up by the grass.
Even though just after impact the clubhead will overtake, you want to feel like the handle is leading into impact. This ensures the attack angle is downward and the grass behind the ball avoided.