Take away the stress


Too often, golfers will attempt the high-tariff shot with their lob wedge, flopping the ball up high when they really don’t need to. If you don’t need to, why choose to play this difficult shot? If you can get the ball just as close with a bump-and-run using an eight iron or even a hybrid, this is the percentage shot to play, especially if you find yourself under pressure during a medal round.

The key is to play the shot that has the least amount of stress to it, where the least amount can go wrong. If you’re playing a running shot with a hybrid, the club is only travelling back away from the ball a couple of feet so there’s little that can go wrong, providing you practice the shot before putting it in play.

If you play the high-tariff shot with a lob wedge, the club is travelling back further and there’s more that can go wrong, especially for the higher handicapper who’s technique is far from flawless. Try all three of Andrew Murray’s recommendations and see which one works best for you.

Video shot on location at Monte Rei Golf & Country Club, Portugal. Visit www.monte-rei.com for more information.