60-Yard Bunker Shot


The fairway bunker shot is sometimes referred to as the hardest shot in golf. Nick Bradley believes that the main reason golfers struggle with this long-distance golf shot from sand is because they don't use enough club.

They see their golf ball is in sand and automatically pull the sand iron out of the bag. Because the pin is a long way away, they then have to try and force it to fly the distance.

Bradley says the simple solution to handling the dreaded long bunker shot is just to take a pitching wedge instead. Here's how it works...

Step One:
A lot of players immediately pull out their sand wedge, this is an incorrect club choice, you will be forced to overwork the club and it is unlikely that you will achieve the distance required.

Step Two:
Be more aggressive with your club selection. Substitute the SW for your pitching wedge. Use a slower swing, less is more.