15 Minute Bunker Drill


Do you suffer from…

• Inconsistent strike from sand
• Poor bunker distance control

Why does this happen?

Inconsistency from sand usually stems from a poor set-up position. If your clubface is too square at address it will dig down into the sand at impact, not using the bounce of the club. Incorrect positioning of your weight will create either a too steep or too shallow angle of attack, causing inconsistency of strike and therefore poor distance control.

Open clubface

The Fix: Break down your practice…

Review the basics - 1 minute

Open the clubface to use the bounce of the club. If you fail to open the face, even for longer shots, it will dig down in to the sand rather than glide through it meaning you won’t get the required distance. Remember that your ball position should be 2-3 inches ahead of centre.

Impact drill - 5 minutes

Draw a line in the sand and start at the end furthest from the clubhead at address. As you move down the line, try and strike the same point in the sand every time to check your point of impact. The line should be positioned centrally in your stance because the ball will be 203 inches forward of this.

Impact drill

Experimentation - 6 minutes

It’s unlikely that you’re going to get the same lie twice in bunkers on the course so use this drill so you’re prepared. Experiment with different lies such as plugged lies, footprints and tight lies to get a feel for how the club and ball react. Also, experiment with different clubs to get a feel for how you can control your distance control.

Accelerate - 3 minutes

Remember to accelerate through impact, making sure you don't get too steep into the ball through impact. A relatively shallow swing when the ball is lying well and the sand is struck 2-3 inches behind the ball is enough to get the required distance.