Monty’s Masterclass: Bunker shots


Bunkers – the amateur’s nightmare. Listen to Monty’s advice on how to work those bunker shots. This video accompanies Monty’s Masterclass, as featured in issue 325 of Today’s Golfer. Monty says:

If you find sand, don’t despair. I see the heads of amateurs I play with go down as soon as they see their ball in a bunker. But get it out and you can still make par – and even if you do make bogey, at least you’ve made your opponent make a par to win the hole.

Remember, we don’t EVER want to gift our opponent a hole. If you make double-bogey – because you have left the ball in the sand with a tentative first attempt at escaping – means they don’t have to work hard to win the hole. But splash it out confidently, and you put the pressure back on them. Who knows, you might even hole the putt – and that always feels like a birdie.

The good news is that this is an easy shot – because you are not hitting the ball. You can be aggressive with it, because you are not guessing how it will react – as you are out of rough. With a bit of practice, I guarantee you will even start to add a little finesse into your bunker play.

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