Get a textbook takeaway


Do you suffer from…

• Slice with a driver
• Lack of clubhead speed

Why does this happen?

It could well be your takeaway. It's the movement that triggers your swing so it needs to be spot on. Get it wrong and it could lead to a series of swing faults that will seriously ruin your swing. If you cock your wrists too early in the backswing it creates upper body tilt and a steep path – causing slice shots. A poor set-up – with the stance too narrow and ball position too far back also results in lack of coil and build up of power in the swing.

The Fixes...

Correct your set-up 

Create a wider base with the ball sitting more under the left armpit, ahead of body’s centre line. Tilt your spine tilted slightly away from target. Make sure your weight slightly favours the left side.


The most important thought is for you to move your arms and club together without any early independent wrist cock.


As a drill, position another ball about a foot behind your real ball. Try to knock the other ball away from you in your takeaway. This will ensure you are keeping the club low to the ground, thus creating a nice wide swing arc. The wider the swing arc, the more momentum is built up and therefore more power is generated.


A nice wide takeaway ensures maximum power is generated in your backswing. This means more distance off the tee and shorter irons into the green.